S/PDIF Audio out on Emuelec

Hi There,

my N2 works perfectly with Coreelec and my self-build S/PDIF audio output. Even under Ubuntu Mate this is possible, but when running Emuelec there’s absolutely no sound! Now, in Version 3.5, there are no more possibilities to make any adjustment under Retroarch an more. Why? There are some enhanced settings under Emulationstation, but in my case there are only two audio choices (0,0 , 0,1 , 1,0 and 1,1) - I guess this could be the HDMI and the analog output of the N2. Why I have to guess it and there is no exact naming of it? And why there is no solution for the S/PDIF out? Please help! It would be very, very nice to have an S/PDIF audio signal, because my N2 setup is made for the usage as a media center with beamer and surround audio and Emuelec is a very nice goodie to it, but without audio it’s unfortunately useless, because of no really fun with my retro games…

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