S12 Pro standby not working

Hi all,

First post as a CoreElec user. I have been using LibreElec for a while now but acquired my first Android box and here I am :slightly_smiling_face:

The device is an 8 core android box with 3GB Ram and Gigabit network.
It is booting off a microSD card.
The splash screen shows YUTMART before the CoreElec logo is displayed. Hopefully that helps to identify the box.
I am using a Harmony One remote that controls the TV, Surround Sound and the Kodi box independently

The device is mostly working except for the standby and power off command.

I have successfully enabled the standby menu.
I have disabled the CEC Adapter within Kodi.

  1. Sleep problem.kodi.sleep.log (119.4 KB)
    When I select Sleep from the power menu the display does nothing (dialog stays on the screen). From that point on, my remote control does not work. The log shows the sleep gets actioned but then before it completes it then shows “NOTICE: OnWake: Running resume jobs”
    Please see the attached log kodi.sleep.log.
    Note: I have at this point stopped kodi and eventlircd and tested the remote key input using ir-keytable -t Nothing is received from the remote so something else was shutdown but not restarted.

  2. Power off problem.kodi.poweroff.log (120.5 KB)
    When I select power off from the menu, the system shuts down correctly but then restarts immediately.
    Please see the attached log kodi.poweroff.log

Any ideas what might be keeping the device from sleeping or from staying off ??


  1. please use the complete command: ir-keytable -p NEC,RC-5,RC-6,JVC,SONY -t and try again.
    The Log shows it wakeup immediately after starting sleep. Try first this again - then we can take a look closer why it wakeup.

  2. The log shows you have done a shutdown - nothing more :wink: Here would be a UART log of the device needed. U-boot debug prints are only on serial console - not in kodi log.

In general I guess your device is running a buggy u-boot…