S905 and S905X serious audio sync issue on MPEG2

I have both of these hardware devices. If i run the KODI 16 version that comes installed on the android system when you buy these units, they play audio/video PERFECTLY in sync.

However, when i then boot into the CoreElec it appears that the video falls further and further behind the audio. If i disable the Hardware Acceleration for Mp2, the audio/video stays in sync, but the video is quite jerky.

Video decoder : am-mpeg2 (HW)
1280x720p, 1.78 AR, 59.940 FPS
PT-AC3, 8 bits 48,000 hz, 384 kb/s
Pixel Format : 10bit, YUV422

Any thoughts?

I would like to also add that it will stop the video after about 1 minute too. If i switch to software decoding, then it plays forever and audio/video is in sync, but the video is annoyingly JERKY.

This is a STREAM its playing. But, it is a LAN stream (not through internet) and not an issue with the stream. I can pull the coreelec Flash card out, boot to Android and run Kodi from android, and play the stream, and it will play perfectly.