S905 - Downgrade to CoreElec with Kodi Jarvis 16.1

Hello everybody,

Please help me with the image or update file for CoreELEC with Kodi 16.1 because I need to downgrade my Amlogic Xtreamer mxv box. On Kodi 18 I have several issue on 1GB of RAM…

Unfortunately I don’t find any CoreELEC with Kodi 16.1, can you help me with a link, or maybe you have it in your storage, maybe?


Try LibreELEC (Google is your friend). The LibreELEC distribution is still at Kodi 17.x for amlogic and works with S80x and S90x SoC.

Thanks for the tip but I none of their versions works on my box. I tried several versions but no luck :frowning: CoreELEC ca boot on my box but my box is old, I was having the coreelec version with kodi 16.1 but I cannot find it because of failure HDD. That’s why I asked here maybe someone have that distribution. Thanks.

There was never a CE version running KODI 16

Kodi Jarvis 16.1? Don’t say nonsense! Stop using WiFi in Xtreamer mxV! CoreELEC can run smoothly with 1GB of RAM.

1GB of ram, coreelec uses 250MB or so, so you should have enought free ram. There is a setting for amount of buffer. I don’t know exactly at how much it stands with stock settings. Lan cable at 100mb should improve streaming.

Thanks guys, I will tweak a little more kodi 18 then.