S905X - loud pop sound on stop

I have a S905X-based TX95 box, which I’m using with CoreElec. Everything works great except for one issue. I have a 2019 Samsung TV - UE43M5520. If I stop a video file playing before the end, I get a loud pop noise from the TV speakers (from HDMI audio).

It doesn’t seem to matter what type of audio track is playing - AAC, AC3, DTS or even ancient AVI files with MP3 audio tracks. Choosing between “PCM” or “Bitstream” for HDMI Input on the TV makes no difference either. It’s not caused by refresh-rate switching either. Disabling hardware decoding makes no difference.

I’d have suspected an issue with the TV, but I have a traditional HTPC with an NVidia GT730 card in it, running Linux and Kodi X11 in ALSA mode with NVidia’s proprietary drivers for VDPAU, and don’t get any noises with that system.

To be clear, these are not popping noises during playback. In fact, playback is perfect. It’s just an insanely loud pop noise when the stream stops. It’s loud enough that I’m afraid it’s going to damage the TV speakers.

It was doing this in CE 9.2.7, but I’ve also tried out the 19.1 build from May 12th.

Does anyone else see this?

Not on my N2 using HDMI out

Does this happen only with video playback, or also with audio (maybe try the radio addon?)

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