S905X / MxqPro 4k - unable to wake up, sometimes it boots into Android

MXQ Pro 4k / S905X. Boot from sdcard. It works, but some problems are there:

  • it sometimes boots to Android, sometimes boot from sdcard. Sdcard is inserted all the time. If I try to boot from recovery (with reset button pressed), it sometimes boots to coreelec from sdcard, sometimes it just shows recovery and does not boot from sdcard
  • when booted, it works just fine. However, after suspend with remote (led color is red), it’s not possible to wake up anymore with remote. Need to disconnect power supply and connect again.

I also own slightly newer MXQ Pro 4k, with S905W and there is no such problem. It always boots to coreelec and suspend/wake up works correctly.

Is that looks like some kind of physical damage (recently, analog audio output stopped working, both Android and Coreelec, could it be related), or I should try with some other dtb?

Is this the first time you have used CoreELEC with this Mxq S905x ?
Has it ever worked ?
What version of CoreELEC are you using ?
Stable 9.2.1
Or Nightlies.

Stable, S905X first time.

try another sd card or usb, to rule out problems with current sd card

Do I need to boot usb from recovery? Or it will recognize usb if I put the same sdcard to card reader

install the CE image onto a new sd/usb, then using the reset switch on the device, try to start the initial installation.

this is just to check if your sd card is faulty.