[S905X2] Ugoos X2 Cube no 192 kHz via SPDiF

Hi, in Ugoos X2 Cube, CE 9.2.1, SPDiF output sends up to 96 kHz 2 channel audio signal.
Does it is fixable? I mean, can SPDIF support 192 kHz audio 2 channel signal?

I installed CE on this box using recovery mode without any problems.

Maybe Toslink optical s/pdif can only handle up to 24bit/96kHz.??

SPDIF optical can handle up to 192/24 stereo, but it depends on quality(glass/plastic fiber) and length of the cable. Both sides must support the frequency, DAC receiver/chip can also create the limit.
I used 192/24 optical spdif for years on my PC with foobar connected to a DAC.

Will test this on my Ugoos AM6 later today…

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According to SPDiF i forgot to add. X2 Cube is my replacement for previous Wetek Core. So cables etc are same. I just exchanged box. :slight_smile: SPDiF with previous box worked very well.

Seems that the problem I noticed in december with my Ugoos AM6 was not related to optical cable… I was quite sure the cable was causing spdif signal problems - crackling noise usually after reboot. I had to remove and re-attach the optical cable and problem was solved.

Waited for a new cable and today I tested with the new cable and the problem remains.
My AM6 even has problems with 96kHz signal sometimes, but mostly signal is OK.
At 192kHz my DAC can’t detect the signal and indicates “NO SIGNAL”.

I’m not sure but have a feeling that before upgrade from CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2-nightly_20191103 to official 9.2.1 there was no such problem…

Tried to downgrade CE on Ugoos to older nightly version before 9.2.1 and upgrade to latest nightly based on the new kernel and no change. The problem remains.
All of my older S905 chip variant boxes (S905x@Tanix TX5, S905D@Mecool KI Pro, S905@Beelink mini MX III) with CE based on 3.14 kernel have no problems with optical SPDIF up to 192 kHz on the same cable connection.

Now I’m not sure whether it’s a software problem with the NG kernel or hardware problem with my Ugoos or all Ugoos boxes.
Could anyone please test CE on another NG device with optical SPDIF and hi-res audio signal at 192Khz?
Thank you in advance

Please give me a sample for test. I could test it on AM6 and GTK tomorrow

Thank you, you can download one of these f.e.:
or download any other native stereo 192kHz FLAC file from here: http://www.2l.no/hires/

Please don’t forget to check/change the maximum frequency in the settings System/Audio for SPDIF output to 192kHz, otherwise the system will resample the audio to the maximum frequency allowed there.

On Ugoos AM6 and X3 only 96khz works for me via SPDIF.
On Beelink GTK 192kHz works.

Thanks alot for testing.
Seems that Ugoos is using some cheap optical transceiver on otherwise high quality box…
Sad news for me, mine even cracks occasionally with 96kHz… :frowning_face:

In my X2 Cube it depends. As i choose in settings SPDiF 96 kHz is working ok. Analog or HDMI cracks as well in 2-channel.

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@Blackie, @Junoxe
I just checked once again on X3 cube and found that spdif cable was not fully sited. Try to sit it more deeply.
Now 192kHz works.
I will update the result for AM6 later, but I think I had the same issue there with not fully sited cable.

Thanks for observation, please check whether the same trick works with your AM6.
Could be the reason because with my AM6 I always felt the connection wasn’t as firm as with other boxes…But no matter what I couldn’t insert any of my cables deeper into the spdif because the cable connector got blocked by the tvbox body.
Maybe we need some non-standard cable connector which reaches deeper into the box spdif connector.
If you confirm this working I may try to cut some of the plastic on my cable connector
or buy a new which fits.

No, on AM6 unfortunately still 96kHz.
UGOOS informed. Waiting for test results from them.

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Thank you a lot for your help in any case.
A bit sad result for me because I decided for AM6 instead of N2 mainly because of SPDIF.
Hope Ugoos guys maybe help somehow.

Thank You for support.
Unfortunatelly i have X2.
My last box with LE still plays 192 kHz on this optical chord. I have one optical somewhere. Will check X2 with second one.

X2 and X3 have same spdif ports… so it should be the same. Try to push it a little bit deeper(but be careful) or/and try another cable