S905X2 vs S905x

I have been using libreelec and now coreelec on my boxes for a few years now and love the work you’re doing.
I’m excited to see that you have extended the support of new amlogic chips beyond odroid.

I’m now wondering if it’s time to change. My boxes are S905X. Should I expect an improvement with a S905X2 box, such as X96 Max ? I have read a post where it is recommended. Should I expect a better picture quality during playback ? Does memory really matter for coreelec ?

Thank you for your advises.

I forgot to mention that my TV is 1080p only… No need for 4K yet

If you are happy with the s905x, and only have a 1080p TV, I would suggest staying with what you have for now.

While S905X2 is a bit of an improvement over s905x, it’s not that big of one. Some vendors even decided against doing an S905X2 device because they felt it didn’t offer a big enough improvement.

There will also very soon be several newer S905X3 and S905D3 devices available from different vendors, that will be an improvement over the S905X2. Development to support these newer X3/D3 devices has already started, and should mature as we get access to more examples of devices with the newer soc.

and the performance between S905x3 and S922x, would they be equal or is the latter still superior?

The S922X is about x2 faster.

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With regard to “picture quality”, I noticed that a lot of todays TV sets come with all sorts of digital enhancement settings turned on by default as well as the sharpness and contrast cranked. This tends to make a good quality signal from a well encoded movie look like an etch-a-sketch.

If you haven’t already, turn off your TV’s “enhancements” and see things as never before from your CE box :slight_smile: