S905X3 resolution change problem

I have box with S905X3 chip. I find new problem with resolution change on my box. Box is connected via Marantz NR1710 receiver to SOny 49XF9005 TV. Box use 1920x1080p resolution for menu . When I want to play some 4k movie I get black screen. If I directly connect box to TV it is OK. Strange is, that If I connect to same HDMI old box with same coreelec version , but with S905W chip it works without problem . I try stabel version 9.2.5 and night built too, but with same result. Try to change HDMI cable between box and receiver and it not solve my problem. Can somebody help me with this ?
Thakns a lot

What does that tell you about what is causing the issue?


I will , but first I wanted to discuss my problem here. As I wrote when I change box, so instead of my S905X3 box I connect my old box with S905W chip it works. So there is no problem of my receiver, but some combination box and receiver.

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