[S905X3] X96Air_P2/P3 4/32GB 1Gbit Lan (How to config)

Yes, P2 version. Am I going to have to use the Amlogic USB Burning Tool?
Flashing using a Zip fails.

Best way to flash its using amlogic USB burning tool.
You will need USB male-male

I´m unable to start CE after injecting bl301. I have this error:

I assume I´m gonna have to reinstall CE, but can anyone help me to figure out why did this error happen?

Ask for support on BL301 topic


I got as crazy as you. Try with another SD. Mine, for example, didn’t like a couple of old ones recovered from old mobiles. I had to use a modern one. Or, you can try with a pendrive, instead.

Good luck

According this How to install CoreELEC should be possible use also USB flashdrive instead of SD card (actually I hope that boot from USB will work on my X96 Air, as I am using USB for /storage partition). Maybe you could try USB disc/dongle, if it will work for you?

I know… just pointing out that this can be done in the gui in the near future.

Good news with the Bl301 injection. Test version of CE now lets the remote wake the device after shutting it down from within Android. Tested on this device!

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I had the remote power-on working after injecting BL301. This was on the 20200114 nightly.

However, now on the 15 and 16 nightlies, this is suddenly broken. No more remote power-on. Upon updating the BL301 is still recognized and if I try to do it in the menu it states that it is not needed.

Second issue is that Reboot stopped working as well. Reboot (menu command) leads to the X96 Air showing a black screen (1st I thought it switches off, but I think it hangs during booting down - indeed my screen does not go to sleep as it does when the X96Air is switched off). This in combination with the broken remote-on is a bummer and requires pulling the plug to restart.

Anybody else have the same issues ? Any thoughts ?

Perhaps try starting with a fresh CE?

I just finished setting it all up, adding movies and all …

However, now on the 15 and 16 nightlies, this is suddenly broken. No more remote power-on. Upon updating the BL301 is still recognized and if I try to do it in the menu it states that it is not needed.

works fine for me on 20200115 and now 20200116 - I can power-on / power-off / power-on through the ir-remote successfully. maybe try to flash the original bootloader (it got saved to /flash/ during the first injection) to undo the BL301 injection, and then retry?


will give that a try.

I ran the ssh command from the bl301 thread - did not help.

I guess I have to look for a X96 firmware file and burn that …

You can use the Reboot to Libreelec app on android instead of pressing the recovery button. I’ve setup 3 now and always do this instead, never used the button.


I fine the Krypton type remote much more responsive / smother than meson-ir
I created two files, easy to test and easy to revert back if you don’t like

Example 1 - works the same as the meson-ir in the initial post
Example 2 - only some small changes
# "0x47 18 # @ " changed from 18 to 46 - "TVGuide" to "Codec info"
# "0x4c 50 # MENU" changed from 50 to 46 - "Menu" (sidebar menu on the default skin) to "Contextual menu" as all the remote's I've used had this

I’ve re-wrriten the file to make it easy to modify e.g. the STAR button is currently mapped to info (23)… you can change this to what you like e.g 18 for TVguide

0x43 23 # STAR (examples 15 tab, 23 info, 24 codec info, 113 mute, 354 favourites, 18 TVguide, print screen 210 etc)

To install rename the file to remote.conf and

Krypton remote.zip (2.5 KB)

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I never check what version of X96Air_x I had, it was purchased from same place as someone who got a P2
However its X96Air_P3 and the guide works for this Box as well :grinning:(the only different I can tell is that bluetooth chip has changed & does not work)

I’ll update topic soon

Can anyone confirm which USB port should be used for the Amlogic USB burning tool?

Rear USB 2.0
Side USB 2.0
Side USB 3.0

Also, should I be booted into the Android recovery screen to be able to start the process?

Odd, nothing at all getting recognised on USB on any ports on Win10 or Ubuntu whilst in Android recovery mode

Same for my S905 too though to be honest

I think you can include also P3 version of X96 Air 4/32 to the title/description, I just unpacked one and all your summary is spot on. Thank you for it :slight_smile:

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