[S922X] Bee-link GT King

I sent an email to them to ask their full support to coreelec team.

I know I buy to them hardware and not software.

In my opinion, they do not have skills inside to provide good software dev to fit our desires but they could at least provide support to developers.

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Four or five years ago, Beelink gave away 20 of their NEW Ubox (RK3288), so people could test the hardware and software. They did implement some of the suggestions. They do really try. I am still running Ubuntu on that box.

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Other than (possibly) price, I was wondering if there is any advantage to a GTking over an N2? Like any additional functionality, speed, software etc?

No advantage. The N2 is superior is built quality and even price.

People should not try to add Hardkernel 64G emmc to the list and then say it’s more expensive. The emmc module is faster and high quality.

Also install to internal will not be supported nor available with 4.9 Kernel devices which means you need an SD card for GT1 King to run CE.

Wifi and BT devices will probably not work because of lacking firmware/drivers. Also as we see with other Amlogic TV Boxes that a cheap USB Wifi and BT works way better. You loose 2 USB ports yet you get way better Wifi and BT.

Does not have to be this one. Any other $5-10 device will do.

$1 BT usb sticks are more than if you need this.

The DTB and DTS files were extracted from /dev/dtb on the android 9 that came with the box.

Some documentation : https://community.arm.com/developer/tools-software/oss-platforms/w/docs/268/device-tree
-> current status: no boot

@broleke Beelink have already provided us with the full kernel+uboot+android sources for the GT1-King, we have everything we need except the hardware, we are just waiting on them to provide development samples to the team.


I just emailed them, requesting them to send you guys a box… They have been pretty responsive to me. They DO want a CoreELEC for their “KING”.

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@clarkss12 they have already offered to send us 1 device, however 1 is not enough.

CoreELEC is not just created by 1 person.

Only 60 GT1-King was made in the first run of devices and that is why they could only offer 1, they have said they can provide more when it hits mass production, so we are just waiting for that.

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Any AML vendor worth their salt will be perfectly well aware of the popularity and benefit of Coreelec, which in turn will to some extent, influence sales for said vendor.

We have already seen this in respect of the Odroid N2 devices being sent to devs, getting support straight from the off, with users being more prepared and excited to order this vendors product.

So any decent marketing exec should see such an approach as being a no brainer to increase sales and therefore no pressure should need to be exerted from individuals.

Any lack of such basic business thinking should be an indication of either a business that is not efficient or one that does not care as much as they ideally should.


@Compent you really have hit the nail on the head.

In respect of the N2, we have just shy of 400 devices (at time of posting) running CoreELEC on it now which equates to more than $30,000 in sales as a result of sending us just a handful of devices, it’s worked out for us, our users and Hardkernel, everybody is a winner.

There is the added benefit for our users of knowing that by buying an N2 that the developers here also have the same device and can offer much better support as a result.

As you say it is a no brainer.

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DHL dropped off my Beelink GT King.

Edit. DHL driver pulled up and spent 15 minutes looking in his van. He told me, that it was NOT in his van… Hope it is not lost in their system… grrrrrrrrr.

Monday, May 27, 2019 Location Time Piece
12 With delivery courier ROMULUS, MI - USA 09:34
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11 Departed Facility in CINCINNATI HUB - USA CINCINNATI HUB, OH - USA 02:30
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stop it, the excitement is killing me, still waiting for mine to replace my N2 :crazy_face:

Sorry for the question but you’re replacing an Odroid N2 for the GT King?

That’s kinda insane lol

Following this discussion, I’m tempted too do the same, replace my working N2 with THE King :slight_smile:

With or without fries? :laughing:

Back to topic now…

This is offtopic. It has nothing to do with this Thread nor with CoreELEC in general (which this forum is about). I suggest you ask at Beelink forum.

A new firmware seems available : https://androidpctv.com/firmware-beelink-gt-king-rom, it might contains an updated u-boot and dtb.

The bee-link forum seems more active since a few days: