[S922X] Bee-link GT King

if you haven’t seen it, Bee-link advertised a new tv-box with nas functionality:

My beelink gt king pro rev b serial:290b
In coreelec hardware info cpu speed:1800mhz
Is this normal?

Yes. The two A53 cores are in the “first” cluster, and they’re running at 1800MHz.
The 4 faster A73 cores are in the 2nd cluster, and do run at 2200MHz when you use the non-A DTB.

i’m using g12b_s922x_beelink_gt_king dtb

Then the CPU is running at 1800/2200MHz

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Then I can completely delete Android and install CE in the internal storage (ceemmc) … Will it have full ethernet? Thank you

You Android should be updated to level 905P0 or above before do it in any case.

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Tested and approved since several months. Go for it, you will never regret it !

Hi guys! :wave: I’m new here so please be gentle :wink:

I’ve bought new version of GT-King - WIFI6, which has Wi-Fi ax. Attached SD Card with Coreelec 9.2.3 was kind of defective (CE freezes upon shutdown/system switch), so I’ve burned new image. After first look it seems ok, but it is lacking of Wi-Fi config. Wired connection works on both systems, but wireless comms works only in Android. Is it a problem of a driver (CE no supporting WIFI6 version - I guess it will be done in next builds) or is it something else?

Another question: is CE equipped with automatic updates or will I have to update it manually when new version is released?

For WIFI6 you need to update to nightly builds.
And also it will be available in the next release.

Yes, new release will be announced on forum first. If all is ok then it will be available for automatic update.

Thank you very much for this fast response! :+1:

If this does not belong to this thread, please excuse me and remove it to the right one.

I just got me a new BL GT K with a memory card incuded, with Corelec in.
How do i update the card to the last Corelec ver ? Do i format it, or do i overwrite the latest ver ?

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I recently got a rev A box. CoreElec is working great apart from the following issue:

  • When I switch my TV off, with the tv (panasonic) remote, the beelink box turns off (great!)

  • When I turn my TV on, with the tv (panasonic) remote, the beelink box does not turn on

  • I am working around this by switching to HDMI2, then switching back to HDMI1 - This seems to trigger the beelink box to turn back on

Any idea how I can fix this, so the beelink box turns on with the tv, via the pansonic tv remote?

I have enabled the ‘Inject BL301 Blob’ option, and rebooted, however this has not resolved the issue

Thank yo so much! It’s updated to ver 9.2.5.

  1. Now, for some days can i use the Android’s Kodi app until i configure/set up the Corelec kodi with my fav addons? I mean, there’s not any contradiction of the two kodis , right ?
  2. Why turning the Beelink box on, the Corelec boots instead of the box’s Android ? How can i make the Βeelink’s Android the default boot system when pressing the “on” key on the airmouse? I want to have the option to switch to Corelec only from the Android’s power off options.

Android and CoreELEC are 2 separate things and nothing is shared between.

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Oops, i’m sorry , you were so fast! I updated my answer. Please read. :smiley:

  1. Yes, you can.
  2. You can’t. CE always boots by default, unless you reboot to Android from the CE power menu. You can pull out the SD card, then it’ll boot to Android.
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Well, then how can the CoreELEC read the Android’s Download file ? I want to add addons to the CoreELEC kodi, but the zips i downloaded through the Android browser won’t show up in any file when i go to “Install from zip file”.
Can i download the zips directly from CoreELEC?

You can if you SSH into CE and use shell commands like `wget’. Or just use a computer.