[s922x] UGOOS AM6

Good day!

Is there any support planned for this device? It have amlogic s922x too, but only 2gb ram. And all dtb in -ng builds are for 4gb s922x only…

Have you tried the N2 dtb or the VIM3?

And also output of
cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep Serial
to check that CPU revision it has

serial: 290b40000120100000d38304e424e50

Hm, dtb for odroid and vim3 are for 4gb model, are they suitable for 2gb ram ?

It depends on the u-boot. VIM3 don’t depend on the memory size configuration in the DTB.
I suggest a modified GT-KING DTB.

Try odroid and khadas dtb. Both of them booted successfully., but only one - otg - usb 3.0 port work, the other three do not work.
And not found wireless and bluetooth adapters…

dmesg log from boot last nightly build:
wifi and usb2 ports still not working

udevadm info /sys/bus/sdio/devices/sdio* | paste

Please execute the above and paste the output.

Gave an error:
Unknown device “/sys/bus/sdio/devices/sdio*”: No such device

Which device tree are you using?

for khadas vim3

Sorry can’t help then, if the kernel can not see the sdio bus then we can’t get wifi working.

Maybe contact ugoos and ask for kernel source and then we can try again.