[s922x] UGOOS AM6

It should work

Hi guys,
i at the moment using kodi on android, but I really would enjoy coreelec world!

Would you advice me to buy this box (4gb ram) to run coreelec?
I’m looking to gt king too, what choose?

I would not go to odroid n2 because here in Europe it is not cheap as in us and having android in dual boot is nice thing.


N2 has also dual boot to Android, in fact it has triple boot :wink:

Ok no interest in N2 with 30 days warranty and not cheap in europe.

What abiut ugos am6 pro vs gt king?

You want cheap chinese box - buy ugos or anothe peace of crap.
N2 has 2 years warranty in my country in europe.
Not cheap ? N2 CE edition is about 80€
Try to bye a cheap box from gb or ali an have fun with warranty

To me is 135€ (with emmc include shipping) and i have to buy the remote separately.
Worth yet? No imho.

Please my question is ugos vs beelink, hope someone could ask to this question.

read the review for comparison: [s922x] UGOOS AM6
I have decided for AM6 because of better cooling and better Android ROM.
For CE you don’t need 4GB RAM or 64GB storage IMO.

Ugoos, definitely. :+1:
Watch this.

Has pro version same cpu rev.B?

Edit: the video reviewer advice to buy gt king pro, because ugoos am6 is not shipped any more with rev. B cpu.

There are no guarantees that the GTK Pro will ship with rev B either.

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GTK Pro has been sent as rev A.

I noticed that Ugoos have a beta release for dual boot AM6 Android/CoreElec. Has anybody tried yet?


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That makes life easy! I was just researching dual boot from emmc and came across this
I haven’t tried dual boot yet on my current machine -it’s running on SDCard currently to preserve Android; and it’s ‘OK’ but being on the EMMC should make it really fast!
I will definitely try this when my PLUS shows up - still hasn’t shipped yet, so may be a few weeks :frowning: