Safe location for backups

Hi there,

I’ve written a little ADDON to backup certain userdata folders so that I can just restore them easily.

I have my CE install on eMMC, so booting from SD CARD but using a the box for reading writing files.

My question is this:
Where could I store this backup in the event of a card failure ?

Not an external drive

i use the kodi addon here:

i backup to a Netwrok share.

surely the only safe place is away from the system itself.


That wasn’t my question but thanks.
I could backup to USB but for this exercise I’m looking for a location on the box.

Not sure if the backup folder is a suitable location.

So you want to back up to the same system that if it fails you might loose data.

Don’t get it, you want to back up onto the box that you want to backup in case it goes wrong.

The only way to be safe is to back up away from the main system.


I want to backup to a location on the android OS side of the box so that basically if I wipe the storage folder (hard reset) then the data is still stored on the box. If the SD card craps out doesn’t matter thats only used for booting anyway.

Maybe try this thread for some pointers:-

How can I mount my SD card so that I can see for example the device_trees folder?

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