Samba service not working

When i connect a external USB disk, with external power.
i want it auto shared, so i could send my audio files to this disk.

there for i googled and find out that i need to start in system->coreelec->services and turn enable samba, and enable auto-share external drives.

but enabling samba, doesn’t work, samble is disabeling itself after a few seconds.

what could be wrong

I thought this is supposed to enable as a SAMBA client (not server), isn’t it?

I’m experiencing something like this on a KM5 S905x box (looks similar to mecool HM8). Under 8.90.2 everything was fine, but after upgrading to 8.95.1 (or after a fresh installation of 8.95.1, choosing to turn on SSH and Samba on install), the coreelec settings menu doesn’t allow me to enable samba - it looks like it’s allowed it, but if I exit the coreelec configuration addon and go back in it’s disabled again. The other thing I’ve noticed is that under 8.95.1 my wireless networking doesn’t install, wheras it does under 8.90.2.