Save all Settings

Would it be possible to install a function with which it is possible to save all settings, including the addons?
This would make it easier after a clean reinstall the settings to play back, you would not always reconfigure everything, eg. There are similar features in OpenATV images

Thank you

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There is a backup function in coreelec settings which will do exactly this.

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Already present in CoreElec settings addon

Hi, thank you for your answer, but where can i find the Backup function exactly

In coreELEC settings, just below the update settings

Sorry i don‘t find it
Can you Post a Screen?

I Look here

look in the CE addon…

Ok i found it, trank you. Plugins Will Not Save with?

as far as I can se, all addons, skin, thumbnails, settings etc. will be saved.
When I do a fresh install and restore my CE-backup, the behaviour and functionality is the same as before (beside the new CE-function/fixes).

It is exactly what you were requesting