Screen blinks on ng

Weird behavior of ng builds. Screen blinks before playing a stream without changing refresh rate (stream rr is similar to desktop rr), just as if it does change it.
It doesn’t happen on older generic builds (s905x, s912) And it’s not the afr feature.
Does anyone know why?

No body knows what you’re settings are.

We have no idea what refresh rate adjustments this happens to.

What is your Display resolution set at in System Settings.

Your player settings are ?

What is the stream or streaming source when this happens ?

Thing is that it happens only on ng builds with settings backed up from non-ng ones.
Afr is on. Display is 1080p50. Stream is 1080p50 iptv

As long as you’ve double checked it’s not @59.94

Not sure what’s happening as i use same display setting as you with a lot of my content
played 1080p @50.00 with no issues.