Screensaver Dim issue

Using the default Kodi screensaver “Dim” I noticed an issue where the screen stays dim.

I have my phone set up so if I get a call it sends such json-rpc command to kodi to pause playback. If I hang up it sends play/pause again.

Now if I watch a youtube video, get a call and it pauses, after a set up time it dims down. Now if I hang up the video playback continues but with the screen dimmed down.

It gets stranger: Now if I stop the video you’d think the screen would brighten up again. Nope, the screen stays dim :smiley: only a reboot solves this.

Once again, maybe CE isn’t properly waking up from some idle mode it gets in when pausing the video…maybe connected to this issue I noticed?

Idk this is just an idea I got…