SD channel playback on recent builds

Since I upgraded to 8.95.2, and on all the nightly builds since, I have experienced a slightly strange behaviour with regard to playback of SD channels played through TVH. They appear to be in the wrong aspect ratio - stretched sideways. When I look at the same channels in their HD versions the picture fills all of the screen and is not stretched sideways. I cannot seem to find a setting that rectifies this problem with SD channels.
Also when using SD channels, any messages that pop up in the GUI are in very low quality SD. If I go to the full GUI screen (with the channel playing in the background) the GUI reverts back to full HD quality.

Is anyone else experiencing similar behaviour ?


I had the same problem.
Just remove all SD resolutions from your whitelist.
This greatly improves picture quality, GUI overlays and fixes the aspect ratio issue.

OK thanks for that, will give it a go.


Same here, that’s the solution I used…

yep, it seems to have worked for me to.
I also set dirtyregions to “0” to get smoother GUI performance.


Assuming the video stream has a 16:9 aspect (Not the content itself but framing of the stream) make sure the TV itself has aspect for the whitelisted display mode configured for 16:9/full screen. Otherwise if TV is 4:3 and Kodi is assuming an output of 16:9 the image will appear distorted.

Assuming the video stream has a 4:3 aspect (Again not the content… this is independent of whether content is widescreen or full screen) then there are two options:

  1. Don’t whitelist any SD resolutions that allow 4:3 aspect ratios.
  2. Use whitelist, set Kodi to Stretch 16:9 video and use TV remote to set 4:3 aspect ratio. This effectively results in 4:3 pass-thru but the UI framing in Kodi will appear somewhat distorted while playing SD content.

Any other option will result in distortion / loss of resolution.

In all cases with SD whitelisted resolutions the UI will appear with lower resolution. Personally I prefer using whitelist pass thru because for me it results in noticeably better picture quality relying just on display upscaler. It varies with display and can be a pain/not worth the effort to deal with.