Search issue within addons (Can't see "issues" section on github)

I’m posting this here as I cannot find the issues section on github. I’ve just reinstalled laptop so it might be something to do with my noscript settings.

Anyway -----------

I’ve had this issue since 8.90.1 but thought it was due to the dirty installs I’d updated (started off as libre-elec then kep applying the tar updates, rather than doing a clean flash). I have just re-flashed to a new sd card (so I have access to all the old logs, etc) and the issue is still there.

Kodi crashes (and then reloads) whenever I try to use the search functions within Placenta/Incursion. The first symptom of this was in 8.90.1 when I could perform a “new search” but it wouldn’t return any results if I selected a search string that was in the list of prior searches.
Since 8.90.2, I cannot search at all. Kodi just dies :frowning:

Is Placenta/Incursion a dodgy addon?

Either way, uninstall it, & try the search function again

Unsure what you mean by dodgy.

They’re both 3rd party add-ons, both forked from exodus/covenant. (I’m happy to close/delete thread if these add-ons aren’t permitted as discussion topics though)

I’ve tried your suggestion already. In my first post you’ll see that I’ve actually performed a virgin fresh install and the problem is still there.

There is another thread on this issue and it seems that its a kodi bug. As such it means waiting for kodi to fix it.

Ahh ok. Thanks.

Didn’t see the other thread but I’ll have a better look now

Just for future reference, although this is probably not up to date.

well, the repo for placenta is most definitely in that list. Thank you for that, it is useful info.

Is there a similar list of rules/banned-topics for coreelec? Do the rules apply here also?

Same rules apply to piracy add-ons.