Second Boot up Error

yeh Ive ordered a sandisk one , I did one of them tests but dunno how legit they are and says its either fake or faulty. Maybe it will be fine just using it for bit of extra storage in whatever.


Crosscheck with another tool, eg Flash Drive/Card Tester.
If it also reports issues, very likely this is a faked or damaged one.

If you bought from amazon, try to “return” it. I did that with a card I bought that failed after a few days.

dude I started that flash drive / card tester one and its been goin on for over 24 hrs with the write, read and compare test. Its ridiculous surely thats not right. I did contact where I got it from and they offered a refund gladly.

Refund? Did you pay for this? I was referring to

Tools seemed to be for free. Just use another one…

refund for the card. Tools seem to be inaccurate and slow af with some of them.

post update , got a refund for the samsung sd card , got a sandisk one and it works rebooting back up after first install. Must be a compatibility issue I pressume.