Set custom skin as default skin

I’m about to make my own custom skin as side project. Is there way to make that as default skin.

Ideally from compilation so that my created image starts with my own skin.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, it’ possible. When you make your skin place the skin folder in storage/.kodi/.addons folder - restart Kodi and you can then choose your skin as default.
This way I use my own skin (“improved” default Estuary skin) all the time…

Last time I was doing like this to include skin in image and set it as default. Untested atm.

in file distributions/CoreELEC/options

SKINS=“Estuary NewSkin”

need regular package kodi-theme-NewSkin like kodi-theme-Estuary

at the end of post_makeinstall_target() for kodi’s need to change default skin

# change default skin
sed -i -e “s|skin.estuary|skin.newskin|g” $INSTALL/usr/share/kodi/system/settings/settings.xml

Thank you.

can u please elaborate so that i can make default skin as aeon mq8