SFTP Issues On N2 9.2.2


So i finally got 9.2.2 working on my N2 but my SFTP Shares will not work even with the Add-On Installed for SFTP.

Is there an work around for this or what should be the correct url.


The %40 is an @ sign.

Any advice please.

Thanks in advanced.

First thing you should try one more basic password (only letters and numbers). If this works then you know it is special character you use. I don’t know how addon handles it so trying is the easiest method.

And do you have this url set in sources.xml by hand?

@vpeter Yes it is. this work working 100% with Libreelec 8x. are you using SFTP as well ?

@vpeter How about that. It does not like special characters and takes ages i found out now to get the share to load. If I use letters, numbers, uppercase, lowercase the share loads and boot.

Thanks a lot for the tip :slight_smile:

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So you are saying having special characters and using % sign in password doesn’t work? According to kodi forums posts it should work.

@vpeter What I have tested is that when I had the @ sign in the password that is %40 it took a while to load the SFTP Share (A long time) for me but does work.

If I do not have special characters at all the shares open up instantly for me.

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