Should I get another Ugoos X3 Cube?

I’ve been using my X3 Cube for over a year as a CoreELEC TVHeadend server. It took a little effort to get it operating properly, but once I did it has been stable and working great. I don’t use it for anything else but a TVHeadend server.

Yesterday it died. No power light, nothing. I’m pretty sure it isn’t the power supply. I tried a 5v 1.8 amp wall wort and a 5v 2.4 amp auto adapter (vs 5v 2.5 amps of the Ugoos adapter) and there was no signs of life. I don’t have a good way to test the output of the USB-C Ugoos power adapter.

Before I decided on the X3 Cube I looked at the various single board computers and decided they weren’t worth the additional complexity and money. I haven’t seen anything new that would change my mind now.

I can get another Ugoos X3 Cube to my door for about $60. If I get the same thing I can retrace my steps on what I did to get it working so the relearning curve shouldn’t be too bad. Is there a good reason why I should go with something else?

A bit off topic, but I will ask anyhow.

TvH Server does not require many resources and will just about run on anything. You don’t happen to have a NAS that you could run up TvH in a docker container? That’s what I do and it works like a dream.

I have a WD MyCloud Home for my NAS. I don’t know if I can use it for Docker, do you know if it would work? I am running OS5.

Unfortunately not, maybe others can answer the question or you could contact WD. But it would be worthwhile to investigate.

Another solution might be to upgrade your WD NAS using a spare PC and OpenMediaVault. OMV is very well supported and the forum is very active and helpful. Just a thought.

I am running the Tvheadend server oh my HK1 Rbox X4. Unfortunately, they used an ethernet adapter on their current boxes that is not supported by CoreEIEC.

CoreELEC TVHeadend server documentation.

Just to follow up, I decided to just order another X3 Cube. My single bay WD MyCloud does not appear to support Docker.

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