Skin Ace 2

I was using skin Confluence, and everything was good. Nothing to complain about.
Recently, I tried to instal a new skin, it’s Ace 2, to see differences.
I must say, I like it, but impossible to use.
Every time when I press the menu the screen is flickering and the icons are doubled…
I change to all Hz options, from 50 to 60, and all the resolutions without result.
I revert to skin Confluence and now it’s flickering too.
Is there a way, or some settings to try to be able to use skin Ace 2?

Are you at latest stable? Can I install from Kodi repo?

I use also Confluence with CE 9.2.3 on my Odroid-C4.
I tested the Ace2 skin and have no problems, no flicker, no double icons.
All submenues are clear and correct. I use a 4K-TV and have the CE-GUI
set to 2130p@30Hz.

Thank you all for your answers.
It seems that choosing 1080p resolution resolves all my problems.
I have an old Panasonic Viera TV.
Now everything is going fine.