Skin that work with reboot to nand

is there any kodi 18 skin besides estuary that the reboot from nand option actually works and reboots to android

possible, there is a discussion here: command-to-reboot-to-emmc-nand

I’ve been messing around with this modified Confluence skin that has this facility, extended video information and additional video menu items but haven’t fully tested it yet, so if you would like to be beta tester …

Edit: I’ve just tested it on my S912 and it works.

thanks i will try but havent really been a fan of confluence but will check it out thank u will a finished version of this skin be available somewhere

nice that reboot to eternal works on it

i would like to either skin aura or aeonmq8 to have reboot from internal to work

You can modify any skin to make it work by yourself.

can u plz show me how i can doe this

You need to make a similar change to this in your theme:

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You can add a skin independent favorite
For skins without “reboot to Nand/Internal”

Edit Userdata favourites.xml :

<favourite name="Reboot Android">System.ExecWait("/usr/sbin/rebootfromnand")</favourite>

How do I edit favorites xml

If you have a Windows PC/Laptop, install “Notepad++” on it and open any.xml in Notepad++ to edit and save.

i cipied it and it shows up it does something but i have to press reboot after to get it to finish is the code rite or does it require u to press reboot atfer u press reboot android

Try this, I’m not sure if it’ll work.

<favourite name="Reboot Android">System.ExecWait("/usr/sbin/rebootfromnand");Reset()</favourite>

Is it working as expected now?

Last time I used that favorite trick was before CE was born. So maybe things have changed…

That is normal behavior, first you press “Reboot to Android” - nothing happens - then you press “Reboot” and then it reboots to Android.

I have a simple script I’ve used for this in the past - if you install the zip it can be added to favourites via the context menu.
Zip is here:

As you wrote, I edited my dialogbuttonmenu xml in my estuary mod v2 skin and this working good.
Im just pasted this. Thank you

	<label>Reboot to android</label>
		<icon>special://skin/extras/icons/Power menu/reboot.png</icon>
	<label>Kodi restart</label>
	<icon>special://skin/extras/icons/Power menu/reboot.png</icon>

I had the same routine but wanted to do it with one click, so I took the line from DialogButtonMenu.xml


Then added to it


Now it works with a single click.

Awesome:smiley::smiley::smiley: That did the trick quick and easy and works good. Thank You