Skip forward/backward force display resync with 4k HDR video

Hi all
I apologize for the lack of logs, I will provide them as soon as possible.
I start this topic first to ask for confirmation about an issue introduced by Kodi Leia back to the very first beta I have tried, and it does not depend to the automatic color depth switch
The issue affect only 4k HDR video, I cannot say more on codec since I only have H265 material of such format.
For sure H265 1080p SDR video are not affected.
The issue is a display signal resync (meaning sync to a new video mode) happening any time during a playback I try to skip forward/backward.
The issue is systematic with 8.95.6, with previous release it was happening seldom.
If confirmed, you would notice a display resync, meaning short black screen any time you try to skip.
The issue is particular bad with VPR, where normally (especially in HDR) the video mode switch is very long (like on JVC VPR).

thats right, i can confirm this issue but my memory says early alpha versions havend…
Iam using latest Nightly with my 912S directly connected to my LG 55C8 with HDMI 2.0
if i skip forward or backwards my LG displays every skip with an insertion in right upper corner says:HDR

The issue occurs because the decoder has to be reset to overcome fixes implemented for problematic H265 content.
A partial fix for this issue was committed. Please test tomorrow’s nightly (not tonight’s).
4K HDR content should not suffer from this problem anymore. 720P/1080P H265 will still have the current behavior.

Latest Nightly (181207) fixes this issue! :slight_smile:

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Works perfectly, also che video mode handshake is way better with my JVC VPR, before I often had there-four video loss and resync sequence when switching resolution back and forth 4K HDR

Could this be the same issue I am facing that I posted about a couple of days ago? (Kodi Restarting when pausing 4K Video).

I noticed when fast forwarding that Kodi would crash/restart and I also use unpause jumpback addon that skips back several seconds when pausing video and this only appears to be happening with my HDR content.


No. This caused the display to resync when playing HEVC content. In latest nightlies, 4K/HDR content will work correctly again.

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