Slow down of


After a little bit of code researching I got a new test version for you!
S912/S905 generic image & Addon

The image is based on CE 9.0.1. You have to use the new addon included!

Please test and report!

Edit: I forgot: you have to use “amvideocap0” as grabber device!


What device should I use? I left: /dev/fb0, amvideocap0 grabber device, and Amlogic ge2d Grabber Modus = 1


Looks correct!


Ok, I will test during evening and report back tomorrow.


There are no slowdowns after 2h of constant playback, but… A lot of files is played only for 1-2 seconds, then you can hear audio for 10 sec., than video plays with high freamrate to keep sync with audio and then black screen. So return back to 9.01

Does your update keep original DTB? Because wifi speed is incredibly low.


And now when I try to install hyperion from repository I get:

2019-03-02 10:54:25.130 T:3980391280   ERROR: CCurlFile::Open failed with code 404 for
2019-03-02 10:54:25.131 T:3980391280   ERROR: CAddonInstallJob[]: failed to download special://home/addons/packages/

Try checking for updates and then installing again :see_no_evil:

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You had before running 9.0.1? If not get the 9.0.1 release running and afterwards upgrade with the test version. There is a also help thread for the 9.0.1 release.

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I head 9.0.1 before. Refreshed repos and it works again. Anyway from my point of view smth is wrong with this test release. Like I wrote before live tv is not working like described and a lot of other files don’t play.


What CPU? I tested it on S912.


I used a95x with s905. The 1GB/8GB first version.


May you compare with “top” the CPU usage from the .1 and .2 addon version!? You can use the test image.


As I got no slow down anymore I improved and finished the implementation for the fix.

So here is again a new test version from today:
S905/S912 generic image based on CE 9.0.1& Addon

Please update booth! Image AND addon!

I didn’t test it with the hyperion hardware connected but the “offline” debugging was working :wink:

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Unfortunately, frame jumps and slowdowns appeared in less than one hour :frowning: But still, thank you so much for your efforts!


You use amvideocap0 and a maximum of 10Hz for the grabber device?


In your last plugin version there is no option for amvideocap0, so I left only fb0. Frequency set to 25, I’ll try to reduce it for testing.


25 won’t work for sure! It causes too much CPU load.

This is the grabber config I have:


Sorry for the late reply :slight_smile: Previously I’ve messed something up with addon version, but now i definitely use your version with default settings (same as here), and unfortunately i still have slowdowns twice an hour with IPTV :frowning:


The version should be messed at me as well, getting a diferent settings page.
How did you solve it?


sorry to join the party a bit tardy.
my problem is, that while my ambilight ( adalight with adruino on a c2 with libreelec and hyperion addon) works when for example i play music and the visualisation is turned on, it does not while playing a movie or watching tv. My guess is that there is a problem with the grabber - where could i start to narrow the problem down and can i even fix it? Sorry a bit new to all of this.
Thank you :slight_smile: