Slow to load photos

Hi all,

I have an N2 connected via gigabit wired to my NAS. I have the photos NFS share mounted on the N2.

There are several thousand photos on the NAS spread over many folders and these folders could have 10’s or 100’s of photos.

When I go into CE 19.3 to view the photos I have to wait sometime for the photo previews to be generated before I can scroll thru the photos to find the one(s) I’m after. Is there a way to speed this process up in anyway?



No ideas anyone?

If its that long, mby put it in a single folder, reading from one place is faster then stuf al over the place…
If you done a defrag on the disk, might help sometimes.
I saw a setting in kodi,
Settings/ Media / pictures, automatic show pictures (i translate from dutch, so is bit of i think)

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