Small jumps in my Tv box X96max +

Hi, I have a tv box (x96 max + amlogic s905x3) it turns out that when I play content from Gdrive throughout the entire playback there are small jumps, they are not very noticeable but I if I notice them we could talk about between 5 and 10 jumps in a movie of 2 hours, for me that I notice it is somewhat annoying, to say that I have another tv box (Beelink Gt1 Ultimatem S912) theoretically inferior to the previous one but in this one those small jumps do not happen to me, they would know how to say that it can be, since both they use the same font, thanks.

Are you posting about playback using Google Drive add-on for KODI ??

I ask because i tried that add-on a while back.

Nothing but trouble when i used it.

The problem is not with the complement but with the tv box for some reason that I do not know, since with the Beelenk gt1 ultimate from the same source that does not happen, it is perfect.

I have no idea where the source of your files are ?

I took a guess and you still won’t answer.

Supply the information and maybe someone else will help you.

Try supplying logs as well , if you can be bothered.

Excuse me but I think I have answered it, it is in my Gdrive.

Excuse me, but you haven’t. Read the question again:
“Are you posting about playback using Google Drive add-on for KODI ??” and answer :wink:

I play from addons Google drive in kodi

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