SMB v2 on Odroid C2?

Many Kodi platforms are limited to smb version 1. Is CoreElec on the C2 capable of mounting smb version 2 or 3 shares?

Welcome @dexx
Both Protocols SMB2 & SMB3 are supported.

If i set Kodi on my CoreElec C2 to use a min of smb2 and a max of smb3, i get ‘operation not permitted’ when i try and map an smb2 share. The share is mappable from PCs. If i set the min and max smb to ‘none’ and set my server to allow smb1, CoreElec then works.

EDIT: If i map an smbv2 share from the command line and then access it from Kodi, it works fine.
mount -t cifs // /storage/server-videos -o username=myuser,pass=mypasswd,vers=2.1

I still have this issue. Workaround is to use /storage/.config/system.d/cifs.mount.sample

This depends on how you try to mount it. Smb2 &3 can only be accessed with the full samba directory address. Smbv1 is the only version which allows navigating to a share.