{SOLVED} H96 pro + not booting from USB

Good evening,

I’ve got a H96 pro+
16gb and 2gb memory.

First issue is when I’m trying to download the software on here it only gives an option for the 3gb version. Will it still be OK?

Other issue is its not booting. I reboot whilst holding the reset button and it boots into a command prompt/shell and says ‘no command’

I’m given several options and one of them says ‘update from ext’ but it doesn’t find the USB.
I would also think that ‘update from ext’ wouldny boot from an ext but would try to update the internals. Clearly I don’t want to do that, I’m wanting it to boot from the USB.

So my questions are:-

Am I OK using the 3gb version?
If not is there a 2gb version?
Is this an issue because I’m trying to boot from USB? And therfore should I be booting from Sdcard? Would that fix the issue?

Failing that is there something else I should be doing to get it to boot?

Thanks in advance

H96 Pro+ 2G/16G S912 gxm_q201_2g_1gbit

You could try downloading the H96 Pro not +. this has 2G

also, i would zero fill the usb, then format before trying that usb

Cheers for the replies.

I’ve downloaded the dtb file and also formatted etc the USB. Same.

Still says ‘no command’ in the shell.

What do you mean downloaded?
All the DTBs you need are in the device_trees folder on the SD card, you should not use any other DTB.

I tried to do this again with the USB stick but everytime I burned the img onto the stick with rufus Windows just said the stick was corrupt and asked me to reformat it???!!
I tried it several times.

I’ll goto a shop today and buy a Sdcard and try it with that because the USB stick is quiet old.

Windows doesn’t recognize the filesystem on the second partition and assumes it to be corrupt.
This is the expected behavior and you can just ignore this warning.

Then how do I put the DTB file into the root?

The first partition is accessible (FAT32).
Windows is only complaining about the second partition being corrupted.

Yeah, I understand that.

So, I burn the img onto the sd card with rufus but when I go into file explorer to view the sdcard it says that I need to format it before I can use it.
And it I click cancel it says the drive does not contain a recognised file system. It does it on bot USB and sdcard.

Therfore I can’t add the DTB file from the device folder.

I’m confused.

Take a closer look. There is another partition for sure, which is accessible.
So you have two “drives” in Windows after burning it to your sd card.

For example:
F:\ (not accessible)
G:\ (accessible)

Ahh, yep. I see. OK so it’s booted now. Proper happy. Thanks for the help.

However, the remote doesn’t work which in fairness isn’t a major problem once I get into it and find the IP address as I can use the remote on my phone or ideally use the HDMI-CEC and my TV remote providing CoreElec supports it like Librelec does?

Just need to find a USB mouse to sort that out.

Take a look at this thread to add support for your remote:

But CEC works on CoreELEC, too.

Ok, so that plugged a mouse in for now.

I can’t get the wired ethernet port to pick up any connection. It works wireless but not wired.
Any ideas? The wired connection is working if I let it boot into its normal android mode, just not in the CoreElec mode.

Also, it randomly freezes for a couple of seconds and then is as though its been reset and I’m back at the main kodi screen. Even if I’m not using it and it’s just sat idle.
Again, any ideas?

Try a different device tree.
Try the gxm_q201_2g.dtb

These H96 Pro+ boxes are a mixed lolly bag of different Hardware parts.

Yep, that did it.

Many thanks.

Im having same issue… h96 pro+ box i tried many dtb boot first logo reboot and got blue screen in my tv. Im using rufus and a usb memory


Use Burn Card Maker and a 4GB sd card.

Open Burn Card Maker as Admin.

First choose format and format to FAT32 set to standard or 4096 try both the first is best.

Then load the firmware and choose Make.

Wait for it to finish and then boot your H96 with the sd card.

If you have problems with the different versions of H96 pro+ then i have made some speciel Bootfix IMG’s.

It works perfect with H96 Pro+.

Here is a link. 2.07 MB file on MEGA