[SOLVED] Kodi will not scan all files to library

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Try removing all that extra stuff at the end of the filename.

I also sometimes go to thetvdb.com to see what they are expecting the titles to be.

New amsterdam is a bad example because its a rare case of different series with same name. Give another example

For new amsterdam try also removing the 2018 from the filename.

I always name tv episodes as:- TV show name - SxxExx - Episode title.

So in your case:- “New Amsterdam - S03E03 - Safe Enough”

Each TV show in its own folder and each season in its own folder inside the TV show folder. I’ve never had a problem.

So I have “TV” as top level folder, then inside that a folder for each TV show along with the year it first came out, so “New Amsterdam (2018)”. Then inside that, “Season n” folder for each season, and then inside that the episodes as named above.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Try using a different scraper like TMDB TV shows (download from Kodi addons if not on your system already). See if that helps. Have you tried changing the file name to something simpler? I have no other suggestions.

Thank you for this, this actually seemed to solve my problem!

Which method worked - changing scraper or changing file name?

Yeah, that should’ve been included in my response there, sorry about that.

I changed the scraper to TMDB TV and did a scan, that did the trick!

@Halvliter please do not post issues and support request about ripped downloaded series.

Please use another forum, thank you.

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