(SOLVED) Netflix addon problem on N2?

CE 9.2.0 / Kodi 18.4 / NF addon 0.15.7 (same result with 0.15.6)
Tonight I cannot get more that 720p resolution; all worked well yesterday with 1080p without any problems, no updates or any settings changes since then.

Does anybody have same problem, or is it only me ?

I’m on nightlies, NF 0.15.7 and I still have 1080p on GT-KING.

I just made a fresh install CE 9.2.0 and only Netflix 0.15.7 whicht installed new Widevine v.4.10.1503.4… Still I can get only 720p!

Is it possible that Odroid N2/CE got blacklisted by Netflix? Can somebody with N2 please check to see if it’s only my problem ? If it is what is the most likely cause for loosing 1080p streams.
My internet connection is stable 50/25 over 4G/LTE router and on my LG TV with Netflix app I get normally 1080p over the same router. I don’t use this LG TV Netflix app because of appalling subtitles options.

Same here. Netflix 0.15.7 and playback at 720p, not 1080p.

Tnx for input, I almost went to buy a new router :slight_smile:

If it’s Odroid N2 to blame, where to seek a help/fix for this problem; here, at addon maintainer or at Odroid ?

Until the previous version of the complement, the reproduction was done up to a maximum of 1080p. I do not know if it will be a complement or widevine thing, we will have to ask the author of the addon in the kodi forum, I may have modified something or something of Netflix … it is difficult to know

I made a complete fresh installation with only Netflix addon installed with same result, so it’s not due to some settings/modification…

I’ll try again when I get home. I’m using “old” widevine.

I just tested a few titles - CE nightly 23/10 and NF 015.5 1080p

What box, and what region ?

Odroid N2.How to check the region.I live in Bulgaria, but I use an account from England.

Well, that is a difference from my position, I use Croatia account and local servers…

Will try tomorrow with my other S905X box and nightly / NF 15.5 on N2 to see if there is any difference.

I tested in Portugal. Maybe I can change location to Croácia and see if it plays.

Tnx, but no need for any more tests, I found the solution and everything is for me back to normal.
Since I’m using internet over 4G/LTE I had my CAT6 router set to receive (download) on 1800+2100MHz frequencies. My provider also uses 800MHz frequency band, and in setting the router to use only that frequency everything is back to normal. It turns out that my provider decided yesterday to limit streams on frequencies 1800/2100MHz…

Another thing that I found out during testing today is that with latest Widevine version (libwidevinecdm.so.4.10.1503.4) Netflix addon works perfect on high bitrate streams, as do all other addons, so no need any more for old version (libwidevinecdm.so.4.10.1303.0) that worked only for NF.

In my case, it has been resolved only without touching anything. Today he has played again in 1080p.

By the way, I see that we are coincident in several forums, hahahaha