[Solved] New install fails on Wetek Hub

Hello everyone
I have Wetek Hub running LibreELEC from NAND for some time.
I want to try CoreELEC, so I burned the latest image to micro SD, copied dtb.img, put the card into my device and powered it with bottom button pressed. Boot fails all the time.
I’ve used Etcher and just dd to prepare a card, if that matters.
Am I doing the right things? Please advise.

You only need the tooth pick method to enter recovery mode (e.g. to re-flash a broken Android firmware).
On the Wetek Hub you can switch between NAND and SD card boot by just pressing the power button on your remote while the Wetek logo is being displayed.

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Thank you for that, @relkai, I was able to boot from SD.
For some reasons I had no logo displayed, but eventually I managed to press the power key on time.
Probably the last question on installation topic - is it supported configuration with CoreELEC on NAND ?

If you want to go that route, you can use the “installtointernal” command on SSH, but you won’t receive any official support from CE members anymore.

Thanks again. I read this before but was not 100% sure that Wetek Hub is [not] an exception.

You’re welcome.
The only exceptions are the SBCs mentioned in the topic linked above.