[SOLVED] Odroid N2 - Bottom USB Ports Corrupted

Bottom two USB ports work fine with other devices (wifi dongle, other HD), but stopped working with my two main 4GB HDs.
Ports stopped working after I had to shut down N2 because it was hung up.
I was scanning with Artwork Beef for missing artwork and it hung at 6%.
I think that was because Odroid wifi dongle may have dropped connection which it does without warning.
Because of that, the 2 bottom USB ports where Mac external HDs were connected seem to be corrupted for use with those specific drives previously connected when files were being scanned.
I’ve rebuilt directories on drives with Disk Warrior and repaired drives with Disk Utility but issue persists.
After force quitting and starting back up, N2 would not boot.
It had a bunch of text output on left, then stopped, then rebooted over and over again as if stuck in a loop.
When I unplugged both HDs, N2 booted fine.
Also boots fine as long as HDs aren’t plugged into same bottom 2 USB ports as when corruption occurred.
I moved HDs to top 2 USB ports to get N2 to boot with HDs connected.
Had wifi dongle and 3rd HD plugged into 2 bottom USB ports.
Thought that would clear problem with ports after using other devices, but when I move both HDs back to 2 bottom USB ports where formerly connected, issue reoccurrs and N2 won’t boot.
How can I clear bottom 2 USB ports on N2 so I can use them with my 2 HDs like I was formerly doing?

Update to nightly.

OK thanks. Now the bottom USB ports work with HDs.

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