[SOLVED] Odroid N2 + storage question

I’m about to buy an Odroid N2 Coreelec 4GB edition with eMMC. I’m packing together for my friend, who just bought a Panasonic 50" 4K HDR10+ TV.
We need a kind a storage, and I can’t decide about two options:

  1. a cheap one bay NAS (even used) + a 4TB WD Red 3.5" HDD, over LAN with SAMBA or NFS
  2. a USB 3 portable HDD like WD MyPassport 4TB, 2.5".

The second would be easier, but I’m not sure if USB is reliable enough? He will download content to the drive and stream from that, connected only to the N2, and 4K content. Is MyPassport a safe way to go with Coreelec and N2?

Many thanks!

I never had an issue with a SSD connected to the N2 over USB.

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Thanks. So you think a MyPassport 4TB would just do the job fine, no need to get him another device (with a fan) like a NAS?
It would be on 24/7.
And I hope the N2 power supply added with the Coreelec edition rated 2A is enough to power the external USB 4tb HDD?

If it’s a 3.5" drive, it should have its own power supply. For a 2.5" drive, it should be just fine.

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It is a 2.5" drive.

I use my N2 with an external 2.5" 4TB drive (WD MyPassport) with the 2.5A power supply from Pollin since month without USB-problems.

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I use on my N2 a 2.5" WD MyPassprot 1TB for 7 months without any problem, connected only to USB3.0 port, no external power needed; with 4TB it might not be enough…

I think I will be better to go with a WD 3.5" version as it has its own psu. The price is about the same. Downside is a little more noise and power consumption.

to clarify:
the 2.5A power supply is for the N2, the 4TB disk runs with the power from the USB3.0 port only. it has no dedicated PSU.

Xboxbox Game Hub 8TB, Own Power supply, but runs flawless, and you get 2 extra usb 3 ports :), ill probably end up stacking them :slight_smile:

OK, my power supply for N2 is healthy 3A, and have no power problems when all 5 USB ports are in use :slight_smile:

Yes, the psu is the one for N2, a 2A version in the Coreelec bundle.
The 2.5 WD doesn’t have a psu. The 3.5 Wd has. I think I’m better with the 3.5 WD drive.

I went with the WD Elements 4TB 3.5" with external psu. Better to be on a safe side.
Thanks for all your help!

i want to order the wd elements portable 4 tb with my Odroid N2 Coreelec edition from Pollin. Netzteil 12 V / 2 A is that the same N2 you have ? so the elements portable will also work ?

I checked my PSU, which came with the N2 from Pollin, it is the QUATPOWER XY-1202000-E55.21,
12V, 2.0A.

With this I use a 2.5" Western Digital 4TB MyPassport (no own supply)
and a 3.5" 4TB Seagate NAS-HDD (with own supply) without problems.
The 2 disks are connected to the USB-A ports of the N2. And a Blutooth dongle
occupied the 3rd USB-port and works well.

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Oké thanks for the info I just ordered the HDD :wink: