[Solved] Prevent file deletion by elderly relative

I have a Khadas VIM3L for an elderly relative who will use an external usb drive formatted ext4 to watch videos. To ensure there could be no accidental deletion all files and folders are -rw-r–r-- where I am the owner. To check if the permissions were working I attached the usb drive to the VIM3L and ran CoreElec. Using the File Manager I went to some video files and attempted to delete them. To my shock it was easy to delete them. I have not added any of my login details for my linux user account on my linux pc to the VIM3L so I don’t understand why the Vim3L could delete these files.

Help please, I need to prevent someone accidentally deleting the files.

Everything is running as root and that’s why files can be delete.

You could try this if still works - let me know.

I was surprised by this. I thought the answer lay in Settings- Media- General "Allow file naming and deletion. I’ve tested it and I can delete files irrespective of how I set this.

Do you have the possibility to mount the drive Read-Only?

vpeter, thanks very much that worked . I just had to ssh into the coreelec box and paste your suggestion into the terminal. Voila.

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