[solved] PVR add-on not working

new build - running on Minix U9. 8.95.5 works fine except for PVR (PVR-MCE) not wanting to install. Cleared the packages, rebuild the addon database - no good. Tried the nightly and now the PVR addon installs but cannot start. The nightly also break the IR remote that works fine on 8.95.5…

any ideas??


This is rather vague, I have no clue what addon you are referring to.

It does not break IR, this was an intended change, unfortunately the Minix remote is no longer able to be supported out of the box.

You will have to create the following file /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg with the content meson-ir * minix_neo, reboot and it should be okay after that.

talking about the PVR WMC add-on, PVR client for the windows media center based backend

ahh - good thing I’m using a Harmony - will sort it there…


No logs no problem. We can’t guess what the problem is just from the add-on name.

and prepping the logs I had a quick look - only to find that if you enter an IP address with 2 periods rather than 1 things fail…so no problem after all - works like a charm