[Solved] Remote.conf stops working after reboot

My remote works fine when im running off the SD card with the remote.conf on the root of the card. But once I install to internal, the remote stops working. Ive never seen this happen before. Even after loading dozens of boxes with LibreElec it works, but not with CoreElec.

What could be happening, what am I doing wrong?

I thought you copied the remote.conf to /storage/.config

Oh I have to manually copy the file to the internal folder? I’m used to it just working automatically. I’ll try that. Thanks.

Title is a little misleading but I will look into this.

What device are you using?

Btw CE != LE.

I’ve been using LE for years. And all I had to do was drop the remote.conf in the root of SD and ssh into the box and run installtointernal command in terminal. That would put the OS onto the box with a working remote.

So I tried the exact same thing with CE and the remote works when running off the card. But not after its installed on internal.

Box I’m using is Tronsmart s95x
S905x chip. 2g ram.

i might be wrong, but that could be, because you have one remote.conf in the root already.

I think you can add a second remote, so copy the new remote, to

storage\config renaming the remote conf to remotesecond.conf

just had a thought, you could try renaming the remote in the root, to old, so it won’t work, but the one on storage.config will be seen

Like I said CE is not LE, you would not compare MacOS to Windows.

LE copies your entire memory card to internal including junk files that may exist on your memory card.

CE copies only what is necessary to the fat partition because it’s not as accessible as it was when you was running from a memory card or USB stick once you run installtointernal, which is the kernel, the OS, and the device tree.

If you had saved your remote in the Config folder like @bubblegum57 had suggested which is where it’s supposed to reside then it would have been copied when you ran installtointernal.

Moving remote.conf into .config folder worked. Thanks guys.