[SOLVED] Unstable boot & dropping network connection

Hi, I have just installed CoreELEC 9.2.0 on my H96 Pro+ and unlike the previously installed LibreELEC (, the box seems to be very temperamental when it comes to booting up. Sometimes everything is fine, but more often than not the blue LED is significantly weaker than usual and/or the TV does not switch to HDMI / there is no signal on HDMI. In this state, it can’t even be powered off using the remote (I have configured it to do so using Keymap Editor) and the only cure is to unplug and plug it again, sometimes more than once :frowning: Any ideas, please?

Also, it keeps losing connection to NAS / windows network, no matter what SMB client settings I make. The only thing that helps instantly is a restart.

Check your power supply.

Did not touch the PS so definitely not the issue. Reinstalling LE makes both issues described go away.

Are you running CE / LE from SD Card or USB ?

From SC card.

Also my joy seems to have been premature, now the problem prevails also with LE.

However, at least the first issue (weak blue LED, HDMI signal not appearing on TV) seems to have been fixed by installing the u-boot_q201_v5_v6_blue_PCB.tar.gz from @Portisch (I was previously using the March 2018 one from @bumerc)

Now, though, the box won’t power off (on LE 8223 atm) - it always just restarts :smiley: The only way to shut it down is via rebooting to internal (Android) but then I can’t turn it on using the remote (which had been the reason for installing the bumerc’s uboot originally).

If you have managed to flash the new u-boot binary I am sure you have a UART connection, isn’t it?
So just make a UART log when power off, it will show the wake up reason in the log called exit_reason:0x.... With this you can find if the box got waked up by CEC, IR, WOL,…

sorry dunno what UART even means :frowning: I managed to flash the uboot simply by ssh from windows cmd. I had a bootable SD card from last year (LibreELEC-S912.arm-8.90.6-h96pp-emergency-sdcard) and just replaced the uboot.bin file on that with the one from you

You run LE or CE on the box? The boot loader only match with CoreELEC!
A UART is a serial (RS232) connection to the board. Only by this connection you can see what the reason for the wake up is.

oops, missed that. let me retry with CE, thanks. (I don’t need to flash the uboot again, right, just swap the LE card for the CE one and toothpick it in?)

so far so good (touching all wood around) with CE and the uboot from @Portisch !

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

it’s started doing it again, hopeless :frowning: sometimes I get the CE logo, then a black screen, sometimes just black screen, sometimes not even the LED light :-/

now, it’s a bit embarrassing to admit, given it’s always been the first advice I had received, but replacing the PS has helped :smiley: hope it lasts more than a day this time…

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