[SOLVED] USB WIFI TP Link T2U driver

I have an adapter TP Link T2U with the chipset mt7610u.
Is it possible to add a driver to the next version?

MT7610U is supported since 8.95.7.

As @TheCoolest says this has been supported since 8.95.7, it was listed in the changelog, personally tested this driver myself.

I have is worth Coreelec 8.99.12 fork Alex
command output lsusb Bus 001 Device 007: ID 0bda:c811 Realtek Semiconductor Corp
ifconfig he’s gone

We don’t support the AlexELEC “fork”.

Erm… This is a Realtek chip not MediaTek :man_facepalming:

We don’t offer support to users of builds with pirate related content and that violate the GPL.