Some network issues

Hi community,
i’ve noticed some (network-) issues with my N2 and current coreelec.

My Setup
Odroid N2 connectedt by LAN
Movie and TV-Shows stored on a Windows-PC (PC 1) connected by LAN.
Music stored on another Windows-PC (PC 2) connected by LAN.
TV-Headend on Raspberry Pi 4, connected by LAN.

All PCs are online. If PC 2 goes into standby while watching a movie from PC 1 or watching TV, playback stops and KODI (CoreElec) hangs completely and i have to disconnect the N2 from Power and restart.

Could you please help me, to get this issues fixxed.

Best regards

Hi @Cavaradossi & Welcome.

I suspect the culprit for this will be the library update trying to run on unavailable network resources. Not sure which Kodi plugin you use but if its Watchdog there is a known issue about this and scanning music (especially Opera :grinning:) tends to be a resource hog. I lean towards only running scans of Music directories every 24 hours and running a manual update if I need it.

The easiest fix is to go into the properties on both your Windows PC network adaptors on the Power Management tab and Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power option is unchecked. This setting also has the nasty habit of re-enabling itself after some Windows updates.

Secondly if you haven’t already done it in your router DHCP settings you would probably benefit from assigning a reserved IP address for your devices (sometimes called Static Leases).

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Hi @stuart264.

Thanks for your reply and the warm welcome.

It is watchdog and Classical and Opera are my favorite music-genres and my music library is really huge. After uninstalling watchdog the issue seems to be solved. Big Thanks for the hint.

I need WOL, and without this WOL unfortunately doesn’t work.

All LAN-connected devices here have already a static ip-address.
Best regards

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