Sound doesn't work on the Samsung TV

The tv updated the new system version,and then,I I realized it (19.3(x96 max 4+1Gigbyte))doesn’t work,Only the video, no sound,the remote control to control it, and it can make key effect sound,like this “dididi”.
Once the movie starts playing, there is no sound anymore,Whether it’s the sound of the movie or the sound of the key effect,whether the Kodi key effect sound is always on or no.

Use the lastest version 19.5 the issue still alive.

btw,other equipment are working good,like sony ps4 and xbox.

what should i do?

Make a clean install. Update from such old version is never a good idea.

Try another output device under System options for sound.

Maybe try enable/disable “Passthrough” option in Sound settings…
Btw, which Kodi sound settings are you using?

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