Sound Issue w/HDMI and Latest Coreelec - Odroid N2


i’m having sound issues for some months. I did a fresh install on my Odroid N2 (up to date 19.X corelec), same issue. I guess that’s what you call dropouts or sound skipping : for one second, there’s no sound and my AVR loses information.

I’m using HDMI 7.1. I use a lot PCM multichannel because my AVR (Denon 4306) is too old to passthrough newer formats. It used to work like a charm.

I don’t have issues with all sound format.As far as i know i have issues with some E-AC3 like this one. It might have something to do with bitrate or atmos but i’m not sure.

Audio #2
ID : 3
Format : E-AC-3
Format/Info : Enhanced AC-3
Nom commercial : Dolby Digital Plus
Identifiant du codec : A_EAC3
Durée : 1 h 1 min
Type de débit : Constant
Débit : 640 kb/s
Canaux : 6 canaux
ChannelLayout : L R C LFE Ls Rs
Echantillonnage : 48,0 kHz
Images par seconde : 31,250 Im/s (1536 SPF)
Mode de compression : Avec perte
Taille du flux : 284 Mio (13%)
Langue : Anglais
ServiceKind/String : Complete Main
Default : Non

I’ve just tried something important that confirms that at some point it was working like a charm : i have an old Coreelec18 on another card and i DON’T HAVE THE ISSUE with this one !

Any idea ? is this a known issue ?

Audio support
Video support
Opening a support request

On Kodi forums, people are complaining about similar issues…I’m surprised no one here noticed anything…It might be related to KODI19.


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