Sound problems

I have N2 with Coreelec 9.2.2 and the audio of the streming addons (Netflix and HBO GO) is not heard. It is very rare because it only happens to me with the mentioned addons. When I play a movie from a hard drive or IPTV channels the sound is there, but when I open Netflix or HBO GO, nothing is heard. In the “sound channel” tab, it appears as “none”.
In the settings of the player, in language I have marked Spanish and prefer the default audio tracks.

should be a netflix and hbo go addon error. Maybe try google or ce to find an alternative version of those addons.

NO, Netflix and HBO-Go addons work perfectly without ANY errors on N2!

The problem for @sanangel could be some sound settings or incompatible third party addon that messes up sound on Netflix and HBO-Go

I use both every single day on GTKing and both work wonderfully! But they’re easy to mess with in the configs section

maybe installing ce fresh will help then.

The problem was mine … I apologize for this absurd thread.
After going crazy and almost ready to reinstall CoreELEC again, I discovered that the problem was in inputstream, I had played where it shouldn’t and had selected only video instead of audio and video.
I apologize and I appreciate his responses.