Source Too Slow error playing 4k on N2+

I’m getting occasional video stuttering while trying to playback 4k remux files (68Mb/s video stream) on my ODROID N2+ with 4GB memory. Everything is hardwired via cat6 cables, content served via NFS from a Synology NAS. After a few seconds of stuttering, “Source Too Slow” will popup over the video.

Debug log here:

I’ve tried specifying NFS version 4.1 in my sources.xml file (nfs://, and cache settings in my advancedsettings.xml file per below. Also experimented with memorysize 924288000 and readfactor 30 with no change in behavior.

<memorysize> 524288000</memorysize>

Any advice would be really helpful. It seems to stutter at the same places in the movie so I’m wondering if the bitrate is too high in those scenes. Thanks!

That buffer size looks rather large to me.

This is what I use in my N2, streaming from my QNAP NAS and I’ve never had your issue:

Do some “iperf3” tests between N2+ and your NAS.

iperf3 testing helped me identify the failure point. The N2+ was only getting ~94Mbit/s tested against my NAS, but when I plugged my laptop into the exact same ethernet cable that the N2+ was using, I tested ~950MBit/s against the NAS.

I was ready to try to update the U-boot or test a usb network adapter on the N2+ instead, but after plugging the same ethernet cable back into the N2+ and testing iperf once more, it showed the full ~950MBit/s speed.

I’m not sure why it started getting full speed, perhaps the cat6 cable really just needed to be replugged?

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