Spotify integration / Librespot

Hi everyone, I know that there is plenty of things to do this week with christmas, so I do not hope to have an answer quickly. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Could you please add the librespot addon, or the spotify addon, or any other way to play our spotify songs through Spotify Connect ? Many user do have a spotify account and this feature has been asked many months ago. It would be a great improvement for Corelec to get this feature…

Thank you for all your work on this OS and keep going on ! :smiley:

Have you tried with this “librespot” addon ?

Hello Sholander, unfortunately it does not work.
My setup:
Corelec 9.2.1
Spotify Premium
Wifi connected and NAS FIlm reading working

I tried wiht/without “User Mode” and rebooting each time. Still no device in Spotify Connect on my phone (Same wifi connected ^^)…