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Hello, is it possible to make bootloader option whare booting correelec is default but if you press some button on remote it will boot android

Not possible as remote service is not started until the OS has booted, it would probably be possible to add a delay to choose with a keyboard or USB RF remote.

Then again you can always choose reboot to internal when Kodi is booted anyway.

This is true, but you need to reboot one more time to get into android and this is annoying, so i made sugestion if its possible to do this on boot

Write a script that calls the rebootfromnand command, followed by reboot and use a shortcut to that to Reboot to Android :wink:


Two lines - you can do it! :+1:

I think you missed the point … to get into CE that necessitates booting into Android and then booting into CE.

The poster was hopeful that a boot manager or key-press could be used to allow a choice of which to boot from.
This is not possible unfortunately, as far as I am aware.

CE boots directly, by default (at least on my boxes it does)

Yes it does here on my box also … not really the point … what if you or I want to boot directly into Android?
Do a double boot (CE first and reboot to Android) - which is what you are suggesting -
or physically remove the boot card/usb stick?

IF it were possible to have a boot manager this would be more user friendly - select whichever OS you wish, if not set as default boot OS.

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Yes John made correct point of my post request

It’s just not possible the way you want it to be, the remote service is only started after the OS has started booting as I explained previously.

Adding a delay in the boot procedure for say 5 seconds for the user to make their mind up which OS to boot would be counter intuitive as the OS boots in less than that time anyway at which point you can just hit reboot from internal from the power menu or better still remap it to a button on your remote for convenience.

If the above was done the device would still reboot the same way it does by choosing ‘reboot from internal’ as we do not use a configurable bootloader like grub for example, one would have to be written or created from scratch.

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Leave your box on all the time, then you only have to reboot when you want to use the other OS. One button press to reboot.

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